Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The begining

Poetry seems to be a dieing art.  There are still people who hold a passion for poetry, but it is that community only who reads poetry for the most part these days.  I'm hoping that people from this community will find this blog and enjoy reading and commenting on my poetry.  I would love to discuss poems with you whether it be one of mine, yours or a well known poem that you would like to talk about.  Consider this a poetry club of sorts.  I would love to read your poems and give you feed back on your work.  Yes, I am a poetry enthusiast; but I also have a background in literature too.  I graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in English based in Literature, I also have an AA in Journalism.  I just self published my first poetry book based on a book I created for an artist book making class.  The title is From one generation.... To the next! It is comprised of poems written by my grandmother and poems written by myself each of which have to do with the topic of Time/aging in some way.  If you like a copy Just leave a comment and I'll give you the information (They're $5.) I'll leave you with a poem for the day:

What have you to say?

When that day arrives,
with your demise,
what have you to say?

"I love you dear,
don't shed a tear,
for it will be okay,

you must be strong,
and carry on,
I have to go away,

we will meet once more,
like the days of yore,
but amid this life gay."

To your children who mourn,
to whom love you've sworn,
what can you profess?

"I love you so,
though death doth blow,
you mustn't take distress,

for part of me,
is part of thee,
and that you can caress,

you must go fore,
and your life adore,
from this you can't digress."

Was your life fulfilled,
or left untilled,
what have you to say?

"A life proofread,
would look better instead,
though to my dismay.

The things I've done,
I'd trade for none,
for if I'd changed my way,

this family of mine,
would not be thine,
and to that I shout a nay."

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